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Integrating Luos into an electronic board

To create and match with a default reference design, electronic boards must respect some design rules in order to properly work in a Luos network.

Electronic design

Board examples and electronic sources are available on GitHub. You are free to use them as you want.

You can Find the schematic of a Luos ready board call L0 for a quick hardware example (available on GitHub).

A Luos-friendly electronic board must contain at least the following elements:

  • 1 MCU (microcontroller unit): It hosts, as a node, the Luos firmware along with the different containersSoftware element run by Luos that can communicate with other containers. It can be a driver or an app. (Initially called a module) (drivers and apps).
  • At least 2 connectors: They allow to link boards together into a Luos network as a daisy-chain.

One-wire reference design

Luos' One-wire official connector is: DF11-4DP-2DS.

RS485 reference design

Luos' RS485 official connector is: DF11-8DP-2DS.

Compatible MCUs

Luos manages any type of microcontrollers, but they need to be added manually to the library. If your microcontroller is not supported yet, please contact us:

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