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Integrating Luos into an electronic board

Luos uses RobusCore communication bus used by Luos to detect and communicate with modules in a network. to communicate with other boards. To design your board, you have to understand that Robus needs to adapt to your own design. Electronic boards must respect some design rules in order to properly work in a Luos network.

Electronic design

Board examples and electronic sources are available on GitHub. You are free to use them as you want.

The basic version of Robus uses RS485, but you can use any Half duplex support allowing to check transmitted data.

Here is the example of the schematic of L0 boards (available on GitHub).

A Luos-friendly electronic board must contain at least the following elements:

  • 1 MCU (microcontroller unit): It hosts, as a node, the Luos firmware along with the different modulesSoftware element run by Luos that can communicate with other modules. Can be driver or app. (drivers and apps).
  • At least 2 connectors: They allow to link boards together into a Luos network (Luos' official connector is: DF11-8DP-2DS(24)).

Compatible MCUs

Luos manages any type of microcontrollers, but they need to be added manually to the library. If your microcontroller is not managed yet, please contact us:

  • by mail:
  • on GitHub

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