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Dynamixel module type

The Dynamixel module allows to control Dynamixel motors.

Its type has access to all common capabilities.


Function name and parametersActionComment
set_id(self, id)Changes motor IDThis new Id will be saved by the Dynamixel motor. You have to detect motors again to make it work after this change.
detect(self)Launches a motor detectionYou have to run a luos detection to include or exclude new motors.
register(self, register, val)Sets a Dynamixel register value.This register only manage word size register. Use it only if you know what you do.
control(self)Displays module type graphical interfaceOnly available using Jupyter notebook


Variable nameActionType
compliant- True: disables the motor power, you can use it to move the motor by hand.
- False: Enables the motor power.
read / write: Boolean (True or False)
target_rot_positionSets the target rotation position to reach in °.read / write: Float
target_rot_speedSets the target rotation speed to reach in °/ / write: Float
wheel_modeEnables or disables wheel mode on motorread / write: Boolean (True or False)
rot_positionMeasured position of the motor in °.read / write: Float
temperatureMeasured temperature of the motor in ° / write: Float
positionPidSets position PID used for rotation position mode and translation position moderead / write: [float P, float I, float D]
power_ratio_limitMax power limit in / write: Float
rot_position_limitMin and Max rotation position limit in °.read / write: [Float(min), Float(max)]

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