Is Luos for me? 🤔

Setup a Luos PlatformIO project

PlatformIO is a cross-platform, cross-architecture, multiple framework, professional tool for embedded systems engineers and for software developers who write applications for embedded products. It can be used as a plug-in in a lot of different editors.

Getting Started

  1. Install Platform IO on VSCode by following the instructions on this page.
  2. Create a new project on PlatformIO
  3. Add Luos as a dependancy and select HAL on your platformio.ini file:
lib_deps = Luos
board = <board name>

Replace <board name> with the name of the board you are using, eg. board = l0 for the L0 board.

Note: More information about how Luos libraries are managed into PlatformIO is available by reading this post on our forum.

Project examples

Luos provides a lot of code examples, feel free to use and modify them as you want.

Demonstration boards

Luos created a sets of demonstration boards to allow you to easily test the technology.