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Controller-motor board

Default Alias: controller_moto

Type: Controller motor

Number of container(s): 1



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How to connect your motor-reducer to your boards

The Controller-motor board is designed to control motors with a reducer and a sensor. It provides PH connector with 6 pins, where the motor can be plugged.

Connector's reference

Male connector Male connector's reference (on the board): B6B-PH-K-S(LF)(SN))

Female connector Female connector's reference (on the wire): PHR-6

Crimp Crimp's reference (on the wire): BPH-002T-P0.5S

Pinout and characteristics

PHR-6 connector pinout.

This board accepts supply voltage from 7V to 24V.

To control regular DC motors (without reduction neither sensor), please refer to DC motor board’s documentation.

Warning: The USB board provides too weak power to drive a motor-reducer with this board. A power board such as Battery board or Power plug board shall be used.

This board is able to control DC motors with a reduction and a sensor (usually called motor-reducer or speed-reducer).

The Controller-motor board provides a PID control on the output position, and PID control on the output speed, taking into account the reducer and the encoder.

You can find basic information about PID control here: An introduction to PID control with DC motor and a example code to tune your PID on the Controller motor container page of this documentation.

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