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How do the cables work?

The cables are used to link the Luos bords together. There are two lengths of cables : 10 cm (3.9 in) cables and 20 cm (7.9 in) cables. However, it is possible to build a cable from any disired length (see the next section).

Maximal current value: The Luos cable can handle up to 7 A.

Boards connection: The connectors on the board side and on the cable side have a foolproof so that they can plug together in one way only. Fore more information about plugging boards together with cables, please follow this link.

How to buid a Luos compatible-cable?

If you need a cable with a length not available, you can build one, provided you have electrical wire and two connectors:

  • Electrical wire: AWG 22
  • Connectors: DF11-8DS-2C, 2 mm

The datasheet connector is available here.

The board connector associated to the cables is DF11-8DP-2DS. this connector's pinout on Luos' boards is shown in the following picture:

Luos board connector pinout

The routing of the board connector is as shown below:

Luos board connector routing

Luos board connector routing
Click on the image to display it in full size.

On a Luos cable, the wires are organized in this order:

  • Pin 1 (first connector end) on pin 1 (second connector end)
  • Pin 2 (first connector end) on pin 2 (second connector end)
  • Pin 3 (first connector end) on pin 3 (second connector end)
  • ...
  • Pin 8 (first connector end) on pin 8 (second connector end)

Note: If you wish to use only 4 wires instead of 8 (data only, no power), this is possible with using the pins 4 (B_RS_485_P), 5 (A_RS_485_N), 3 or 6 (PTP), and GND.

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